The Local Multi Seller Online Marketplace

Shop Local

Strengthen the economic base of the Local Community
Buy from a Locally Owned Business, rather than a Store Operated by People Unkown to You
Building Relationships

Ideal Support

No need to struggle for after sales support through unknown call center agents and long processes
Just walk in to the physical store and get support directly from the merchant
Rest assured

Brick & Mortar

Every online store has physical presence at your Location
BuyLOQ provides an online face to your nearest, favorite and reliable local store.

Familiar with physical stores

Click & Collect

A new system in addition to the conventional delivery methods
Order online whenever it is convenient and pick up the order at a local store
Feel buying local

Why you Should Support and Local Sellers

Your Support to Local Business is Essential during this tough time. Your Continued support will help them to serve you even better. BuyLoQ is an effort to provide local seller the opportunity to showcase and sell their products in an online marketplace of international standards. The local shop owners and businesses enroll with BuyLoQ since we are providing services to them in a supportive and affordable way

• When You Support Local Business You are supporting your Friend, Neighbor or Relative
• It shows you care about your local community , the community that you live in
• when you buy local you are going to support a family to make an honest living even against all of the competition out there.
• You’ll get unique products crafted with love by local artisans and small shop owners.
• There are lots of local makers who bring their personal experiences, skills, and creativity to their products. Take the time to visit and and you’ll find out how these local people bring the soul to their products.

• By making a Purchase from Local Store, you may not be adding to the profit of a big company alone, but also ensure the local store carry on their business and investing in their future success.
• By shopping local, you are helping to keep a business running which employ local people. Local Employees within it are assured of their jobs which in turn help the local economy in more ways than one. So think about local shop before a purchase. Think about the people that you help employ
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